Besim Kabashi vs Lazar tomic

The mysterious death of Thai boxing world champion Besim Kabashi († 35). In the night from Saturday to Sunday, his body was found in the apartment. Now there's some details. The Internet puzzle his fans to speculate wildly in all directions: Did he doped with a strong middle? Or was it murder? Perhaps even suicide? The latter excludes the police. Of suicide there is no evidence. Especially since no suicide note was found. A murder is being excluded. To finally get clarity, the prosecutor has requested an autopsy. Which was made ​​yesterday at the Institute of Forensic Medicine. First result: Boxer died of a drug overdose! Now, a toxicology report to show what caused remedies mix caused the tragic death of top athlete. Therefore, the samples must be analyzed. A lengthy process. "It can take several weeks," says Barbara Stockinger, spokesperson of the prosecution.