Ricardo Kaka and sister from Mesut Ozil

Although Ricardo Kaka due to the set under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid Mesut Ozil hardly the train arrives, he sees the Germans more a friend than a competitor. "He's a good friend and colleague of mine, whom I greatly admire. I argue with him for a place in midfield, but our relationship is very good. It's the same with the other. We have a great team in the booth all laugh together, even though the competition is great, "he told the newspaper EL DIARIO.   The lively Brazilian is a real team player and loses his smile despite his difficult situation in the Spanish capital. The decisions of the coach "accepted and respected" even when he was supposed to mean not that he was satisfied with the place on the bench there. "Mourinho and I have a very professional relationship with each other," said the 30-year-old. "I work hard to play more often and achieve my goals. I am of the idea at the 2014 World Cup to be there, obsessed and want to win many titles with Real Madrid. "