Cesc Fabregas, stole my wife

A millionaire businessman shows last night as he and his wife were trying for a third child - when I realized it was filtered with soccer star Cesc Fabregas.Manjati Elie Taktouk has revealed that his wife was aboutformer Arsenal captain, he saw pictures gazeta.Elie, said: "I was completely drunk and in shock for months tërë.Kur saw those pictures I felt disgusted by her behavior, we were tryingfor a child when it happened, said Elie.Unë'm not surprised by it. I'm not interested in të.Ai is 25 years old and a fool. She went after him, and she would leave him as soon as he loved his money and famen.Ne June of last year I have seen pictures of Danielles in binkini on a yacht along with Cesc Fabregas, Elie added.