On this we are not used by Messi: Ronaldo would immediately condemned

Leo Messi played in the victory against Celta Vigo (3:1) at the Camp Nou, but not enrolled in shooters. He played just one day after the world got its successor, mali Thiago. Messi is anxious to score and celebrate a touchdown and the birth of a son, but failed. He was even and visibly nervous. In one duel prevented its penetration, and the 'culprit' Jonathan Vilma smacked his hand from behind. It was not a savage blow, the reflection we can not in this breakthrough, but we are sure to be many picking on Cristiano Ronaldo in a similar case. Players Celte quickly calmed the situation, because they know that Messi is not otherwise incidentan type. It looked as if everyone was a bit annoying that Messi lost his temper.