Antonio Adan Red Card Real madrid VS Real Sociedad

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has decided that in the second game in a row to leave reserve captain, Iker Casillas. Gate "Kingdom" against Real Socidedadit will save Antonio Adan. But kt country quickly turned as 'boomerang' Portuguese coach because his 'vecauari' was punished with a red card after only five minutes of the game. Adan prevented an opposing player, and the judge ruled it and awarded a penalty guests, who evened the score at 1:1. (Benzema scored for Real 2 minutes). Return to the gate of Casillas was received with by public ovacione 'Santiago Bernabeu'. Madrid captain failed to stop hitting Xavi Prietas, so guests tied at 1:1 figures. Currently taking place 20 minutes and the result is still equal.