Piero Alva (Cesar Vallejo) shows he has no heart

In November we witnessed Luiz Adriano of Shakhtar score a goal which showed a distinct lack of sportsmanship. Piero Alva may have even gone one step further during Sunday's Peruvian league match between Cesar Vallejo and Union Comercio in which Alva's Cesar Vallejo won 3-1. 2-1 down, The Union keeper claimed the ball but was then struck by injury. Upon falling to the ground, he let the ball go, assuming the opposition wouldn't be sick enough to score into an open goal. How wrong he was. 34 year old striker Piero Alva came charging in to block the defender trying to put the ball out of play. Vallejo went on to win 3-1 thanks to the disgusting goal and the Union keeper, Juan Flores had something to say after the game. He said 'I thought about hitting him and retiring from football'.