Jjournalist with Miroslav Klose

Albanian screens known journalist, Sonila Meco, I enjoyed yesterday all her loved ones heart with the birth of first daughter, which has already set the name. Asked by "Bluetooth" for this important event in her life, Sonila as always eloquently says: "yet everything seems a dream," while all the joy begins to show next to the girl. "Name decided Amaris, is a Hebrew name which means: God promises. The girl is more like his father "continues laughing Sonila, which yesterday was filled with loving wishes for a lifetime as long as his daughter. Amaris, the couple's first daughter has come to be known during the midday yesterday, at 13:35. She enjoys good health, just as her mother and weighing three kilograms, while as shows Sonila, is quite long. "At length a resemblance to my mom," said Meco, while adding her thanks to all the maternity staff "Queen Geraldine." "If my daughter had treated as a princess, I'm feeling just a queen and I sincerely from the heart to thank all the maternity staff, especially Dr. Halim Kosova, who has followed my progress" continued the reporter. At the end of the writing staff of "Bluetooth" to take this opportunity to congratulate the Drin, Sonil√ęs and Amarisit, long and happy life.