Reyes touchdown record after 12 seconds

Jose Antinio Reyes has scored the fastest goal in Spanish football in recent years. Sevilla footballer realized after just 12 seconds of the game. Reyes took advantage of a mistake goalie Betisit to get a ball into the opposing zone which put it into the net. This is the fifth fastest goal in the history of Spanish football. 5 fastest goals are: 1. Joseba Llorente (Valladolid-English, 2007-2008): 7 seconds 2. Darío Silva (Málaga-Valladolid, 2000-2001): 8 seconds 3. Carlos Diarte (Valencia-Elche, 1977-1978): 10 seconds 4. Mariano Armentano (Rayo-Osasuna, 2001-2002): 10 seconds 5. José Antonio Reyes (Sevilla-Betis, 2012-2013): 12 seconds