Comes on the market, Blackberry 10

"Research in Motion" back on the market with a new line of smartphone-sh, but also with a new name, hereinafter referred to as "Blackberry Z10". Experts attributed this change, perhaps as a Canadian company's last chance to stay in front of strong competitors like Apple and Google. With confidence to a new beginning, chief executive Thorsten Heins, the presentation in New York, and connections with London, New Delhi, Jakarta and Johannesburg, explained that "Research in Motion" abandoned the old name, dating from 1985. "We have gone a long way of transformation, not only changed the business and brand, but a path that I believe will completely transform communication on the move, making the computer lëvishëm," he said. Two appliances manufactured by Operating System 10 Z10, which has a 10.7 cm screen, slightly larger than the iPhone 5, and Q10, with smaller screen 7.9 cm and keyboard.