Lionel Messi, for the 4-time winner of the Ballon d'Or

Argentine Messi was again re-elected as mir player of the year 2012, after defeat in competition bashklojtarin Iniesta and Real Madrid star Ronaldo. I think that was a right decision by the UEFAS for this option because I can tell you deserved. But one thing I can not accept at all is to the "11th shja" the best is not seen any German, not to mention many others, but only to make a calculation between Philipp Lahm and Dani Alves Philipp Lahm has made a fantastic season with Bayern Munich, which reached the final of the Champions League. Managed with aplomb to stop Ronaldo's power in many cases and was one of the key figures of the Bayern in this success that he had. Also do not forget the success they had in Euro 2012 that reached the semifinals with Germany. Alves? Not know CTE pere say this "monkey"! Failed even to show the values ​​that had once seen as the best defender of the right in the world. Has not had any success or not with the national team. It is this sin that Lahm came not in this position. Even in some matches had been the replacement of some of the game hurt. We all know that Lahmi is the best in the world for his position, but UEFA has become like "The Kosovo government" excessive korroptuar. Once again, i wish Messi 4 golden ball!