Kosovan couple profile Sir Alex: Claims for the charges against him are offensive

Photo of a married couple on the field of basketball in the park Gërmia in Pristina, has achieved great fame through social networks, and has attracted the attention of Manchester United's legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who has commented on thehis social network Suli. In pictures displayed bridegroom (Faredin Agaj) in the role of the keeper and the bride (Vlora Pireva) has put one foot on top, while Sir Alex commented as "marriage of true football fans." This act of great football strategist, has enjoyed extremely couple immediately thanked Ferguson by their comments.
"Dear Mr. Ferguson, I am very honored to be part of your profile, I am surprised and deeply appreciate your comment on my picture. Soccer is our favorite sport in Kosovo and I hope that my country soon have the opportunity to be part of international football, so that we may have the opportunity to play with international teams. So, please Mr. Ferguson to support our right to be part of international football, because we have a lot to offer, "wrote the bridegroom. "Dear Sir Ferguson, I am very honored and happy to have received comments from you. Thanks for supporting Mr. Ferguson. Greetings from the bride, "wrote the bride.