Cristiano Ronaldo's Goal Against Manchester United 2013

The sending off was a wake up call for the people of Madrid who subsequently threw everything forward, the only wholly owned goalscoring not materialize got - up to 66th Minute. The substitute Luka Modric took from a distance of one heart and hammered the ball to the inside of the post, from where the ball struck the net. Real kept up the pressure. Just three minutes later Ozil Higuain sat wonderfully staged. The Argentine took the ball across goal, Ronaldo was lurking at the far post and pressed the play equipment on the line (69) In the closing stages of the match, guests moved far back into their own half and invited United again in to scoring chances. Van Persie but failed twice against Lopez in Madrid gate (82, 84). In a counter shortly before the end Kaka was denied the final decision - he hit the post (89th). In the end it was the narrow victory for Real Madrid, which was able to celebrate the quarter-finals.