"Santiago Bernabeu" new money factory for Real

The "Santiago Bernabeu", which will be released by the melting of four projects competing with each other, will soon be made ​​to realize big plans in the future. It was started as an architectural tender, now back in a financial project, which includes multi-functional uses in the future. Such a crowd is expected to turn into a "fabrikëparash" the Madrid club and this becomes more important when we know that the future of Spanish clubs is not as safe as it might seem. Last year, the club has been operating revenues worth 514 million euros. Only 31% of this amount (159 million euros) came from television rights, only slightly less so by the marketing department that calculates 32%, respectively 164 million euros. The rest, 29%, covered by commercial partners (150 million euros), and 8% of friendlies and international meetings (40 million euros).