Here I will play the Champions League final of 2015

UEFA rewards Germany after qualifying two teams in the grand final of the Champions League to be held on Saturday at Wembley Stadium Borussias between Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The highest representative body of European football suggests that the Champions League final for the 2014-2015 season will take place at the stadium "Olympic" in Berlin. The decision was taken by the Executive Committee of UEFA after the meeting in the City of London. "Olympiastadion" officially opened its doors for the first time in 1936 during the Olympics, and his story has hosted the grand finale of the World Cup in 2006 between Italy and France, and since 1985 there developed finals German Cup. With 74 thousand seats capacity, "Olympiastadion" is home to Hertha Berlin metropolitan squad. Meanwhile, another change headquartered 2014-2015 season finale after closing the Europa League match will be played at the National Stadium in Warsaw Poland. Meanwhile, next season's Champions League final will host Lisbon, while that of the Europa League, Turin.