Since I do not celebrate Saturday's victory at Bayernn

Since I do not celebrate Saturday's victory at Bayern. I do not know why it should not glad and I'm sorry for this. Do not tasted the maximum. Just like a picture, not video, not to see the game. I just wanted a picture: Philipp Lahm with trophy in hand and only that! Remember Me picture in my mind. He Robbenit goal was so fantastic. A movie script, with a happy ending, right at the end of the movie everything resolved. It was like a theater scene, where King 4-5 Robben gets the ball and pave the way for others and knees. There seemed to blow, but as a knife! Yes, yes, like a knife! The ball cut with a knife. Fappppppp! So split two and two time world. World of failure and disappointment with world time of triumph and victory last time. MY BEST TEAM IN THE LAST won the competition!