The best scorer of the year, ranking surprising

Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal, has 'stolen' the peaceful work of first place for the best performance in the European classification, pulling down from this place exactly Leo Messi. It is the first time since 2009 that could CR7 Messi in such a classification. In April, CR7 succeed in setting 7 goals in 7 matches played in La Liga and ChampionsLeague and also by an ap for each of the three matches played at home. Portugal reached the average of 1 goal per game during the past 12 months (46 goals in 46 meetings) and 5.2 rebounds per game for the goal. Notwithstanding that has lost direction, Messi continues to be the best scorer of the five major championships in 2013, marking 18 goals in 13 league matches. It is also at the top that assists with seven such. Third place in this classification belongs to the German player Thomas Mulles of Bayern Munich, who during the past 12 months has been involved in 34 goals from 38 matches played between the Bundesliga and the Champions League's. Another excellent player is Lewandowski. Borussia Dortmund striker has played an important role for the team, bringing it into the finals of the Champions League. He has scored 4 goals against Real Madrid in the first meeting of the semi. He has climbed 22 positions in this classification in the last two months, and ranked fifth. Since March, he has scored 14 goals in 13 matches in the Champions League and German Cup. Sergio Ramos list is very close to the best 10 (it is currently in the country to 11). With this achievement he was made protector ranked first in this classification.