Albania Vs Norway - '41min Rama 1:0

The atmosphere in the stadium was imposing. 18 thousand fervent fans were dressed in traditional colors, in anticipation of this important meeting jashtëzakonissht. The culminating moment before the challenge was achieved when the Albanian national anthem was sung. Kastriot Tushën background accompanied the entire stadium, while the largest national flag unfolded in central debate. In Tirana and Skopje, as the city where thousands gathered in the square Albanian ideal message was forwarded to our ancestors: "Ethnic Albania". All this magnificent early motivated players on the field. After a free kick our players were those who were close, but Norwegian goalkeeper who stopped rolling. The first case to guests came in the 10th minute. After a break of one of the attackers dangerous Norwegian and the ball was diverted before entering the gate our boy was caught by Kosovo, Berisha Fathers. Our boys dominated the game in progress. Induce gold after the e15-Hamdi Salihi issued, which failed to concretize a good ball from Edgar Cani. Red and Blacks continued to threaten. After a good break and control the ball, an opponent player stepped on a free kick, which executed potent and into the arms of Norwegian poertierit. Albania continued dominance. After quickly launch a counterattack was winger from Kosovo, Valdet Rama, he quickly came to the area and with a powerful kick, managed to send the ball into the bottom corner for 1-0 Norwegian keeper and lead our national (41 ').