Uefa issues the formation of year we UEFA Champions League

Neuer - Lahm, Varane, Thiago Silva, Alaba - Vidal - Robben, Mueller, Reus, Ronaldo - Lewandowski. So according Uefes, Varane, a member of the defense that ate 3 and 4 from Dortmund Galatasaray has done more this year than Dante, was not suffered any goal in the quarter finals and semifinals? Hour thing you know, Mario Gomez scoring 12 goals that year and reached the final of the UEFA Champions League was the formation of year thing? Not for nothing is Ronaldo has done nothing more than Gomez years. 12 goals and was eliminated in the semifinals. Ribery and Schweinsteiger left out. TURP. Two main candidates for the Arts Online. And apparently has kte year will give him flea hormone.