Who is fan who harassed with laser President Nishani?

Norwegian media have "crucified" their national team coach Egil Olsen not only to draw (which still keeps the game) but also for poor game shfytyrimin and that showed yesterday in "Kemal Stafa" against Albania. But Norwegian media have also found the pretext of everything. According to the two largest newspapers in the Nordic country "capable Posten" and "Dagbladet", their goalkeeper is "blinded" by a long suffering fan Albanian goal scored by Valdet Rama. According to them when their goalkeeper was red and black in front of a fan Rama in D2 debate has run laser in the eye, which has hindered the view. But mysterious fan, for which there is no information, the same thing that made ​​the keeper, he made ​​the President of the Republic Nishani as the latter followed in the company of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and President Armand Duka AFF match on VIP tribune "Kemal Stafa". A bodyguard for the president signaling caused police forces to put out stadium fan and then accompany them to the police