The sad story behind the last wish

"Mom, if I die, I want a grave stone with the club logo," whispered BVB fan Jens Pascal († 9) his mother Nicole Smith (35) in his ear when he could barely speak. It was the last wish of terminally ill boy. At first it looked like he would not be met. But yesterday, the Church agreed with the family: The boy gets half a year after his death the desired grave. Dortmund - Jens Pascal died in May at an aggressive brain tumor. He was only nine years old. Shortly before his death, the passionate soccer fan was again visited by BVB coach Jürgen Klopp. Jens Pascal a dream come true! ITS SAD STORY "Jens Pascal was always such a happy child," said a friend of the family recalls, according to the Internet portal "". But then came that day in October 2011, everything changed. "I had picked him up from football," says his father Andreas flame (44). "Suddenly he had one left twist, always came from the path." The next day, father and son went to the hospital. The diagnosis: a malignant brain tumor.