Xherdan Shaqiri provokes fans

Two military style greetings Bayern Munich players Mario Manxhukiq and Xherdan Shaqiri have caused the reaction of the Serbs and in the German debate Futbollit.Manxhukiq after three minutes of game with Nurnberg scored the first goal, sparking a Bavarian public greetingmilitary style. At the same style has also acted Albanian player Xherdan Shaqiri, known as a famous double and goals to the Bavarians. Manxhukiq a Croatian player from Slavonski Brod congratulated with high hands and kiss all the public and in front of the cameras, while Shaqiri with a military-style greeting sparked Serbian publikun.Mediat also criticized Albanian player behavior, noting that he has welcomed the release of Croatian General Gotovina, in a sign of respect for his release from the Tribunal. According to them, this gesture is considered provocative and skandaloz.Por Shaqiri has immediately reacted against these allegations, saying that it is a common greeting in sign of joy for goal marked by Manxhukiq. In part that was realized scenes of joy and greeting by two players on the panel were mostly Croatian fans. German federation said it sees no sign unsportsmanlike or provocative two Bayern players.