A Goalkeeper turn back to the goal with a motorcycle

Happened to see us often goalkeepers that jump on the opposing attack, when their team does not have what to lose. There have been cases where these emissions have not only unsuccessful, but even worse, the team has been penalized because the goal was not quad extreme defender. In such adventures withdrawal from one area to another is a bit difficult, especially when the ball is thrown from a standard blow falls at the feet of opponents, time to return to the gate should be as minimal. You can choose running through the middle of the field, as did Manchester City goalkeeper Hart in the derby against United. He runs "like crazy" permeated almost every area and end with a spirit deviates hitting Rooney to save his team from dytë.Por goal can happen even to return to the gate motor, as shown in the following video. By circulating footage on Youtube is clear that it is an amateur match. Shift in the opposing goalkeeper to try to become a top goal rihedhur the game from a corner, and after the gate "enemy" stands parked a motorcycle. The ball ended up at the feet of opposing players, to be had put "Plan B" ... return to the gate motor.