White teeth ot only 10 minutes from home

The desire to have white teeth is rënësishme for many people. Therefore, taking the advice of a dentist, you will be able to make sure that your teeth will be brilliantly white for a long time. 1.Zbardhimi teeth "power bleaching" in the dental clinic This is the optimal method for bleaching teeth, where the entire procedure is performed in the clinic and by the dentist. In the beginning it by cleaning pastes and brush, tooth surfaces are clean, then the dentist did isolation gum gel safeguards of the same. Materials mostly used are fading as: hirogjenit peroxide 35% carbamide peroxide with 37% who applied vestibular surfaces, by which under the influence of lambës elekrike "light-Accelerated" with a duration of 20-30 min achieved the effect of bleaching the teeth, where the patient is advised that after the procedure use toothpastes that contain 30% xylitol, so that the teeth remain white for a long period.