5 Reasons Why should switch to Galaxy S4

1. Galaxy S4 is very fast: Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the smartphone market quickly. As soon? We will present the results of testing by means of a diagram and you will see the version with the Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 600 has reached 25 900 5 Exynos version while still upwards of 27 417. 2. The dimensions are almost perfect: I keep on hand more smartphone. It is difficult to find out who is the best because they come in different sizes and dimensions as the Galaxy S4. The balance between screen size and is a very important thing. Take the example of Galaxy Note 2, the large screen is very good, but are difficult to use and keep on hand. While the Galaxy S4 has the appropriate screen for all of its options to be in a smartphone and you can carry it with one hand, it is very easy. 3. Fantastic performance of the camera: A few days ago we decided to make comparison between the Galaxy S4 camera and HTC ONE. Both cameras had fantastic performances, but in the end was the best S4. It probably will not like that at all, but if you make more pictures with your phone in, then you definitely need to get the S4 consideration. Excluding options like Sound and Drama Shot or Shot-you probably will not use them at all. However, we will concentrate on the quality of the photo. S4 is almost perfect. From some research made for "best camera for 2013" Many customers have chosen the Galaxy S4. 4. There will always be something more: In recent articles, based on that you do not want to buy Galaxy S4 and wait for the Galaxy Note 3, many of you have commented with the same response: edo Always have a new smartphone in the near future. And you know what? You're so right. While many of us are excited about the Galaxy Note 3 (and other smartphones), will always be a point where you will ndaaloni and make a solution. With this in mind, we can tell you that the Galaxy S4 is a fantastic device. With all these features and characteristics, the likelihood that you tell yourself that you made the wrong solution are very small. 5. TouchWiz or Stock? The choice is yours: Last week Google I / O introduced "Google Edition" for Android Galaxy S4 clean. The combination of this device super fast and clean Android is just something fantastic. You get Android updates very soon Galaxy S4 Google Edition. We understand. There are some who desire Samsung TouchWiz UI and some other action. For this is the perfect choice: Nnuk matter what version will always get this Galaxy S4 for you.