Many stars confirm Albanian in Pristina

Team President Pristina, Remzi Ejupi has announced that most of the players who are part of the Albanian European clubs have confirmed their arrival to match the stars, and set the place on June 15 at the Stadium of Pristina, Time reports. According Ejupi, players who are brothers have confirmed the arrival of Taulant Granite Jaca, then the brothers Migjen Will Basha Valon Behrami, Lorik Cana and others. He reported that after qualifying match between Albania and Norway will meet again with players who are part of the national team to take full confirmation. He has announced he will try to convince the Xherdan Shaqiri. "All players have contacted confirmed the arrival in Pristina on 15 June. Will meet again to prove their confirmation. The idea was to collect the stars and play a match to satisfy football fans. Be just showmanship and to motivate young players. We get closer to the stars that pride with them, "said Ejupi.