Ronaldo's goal of 3 meters height

Goli i larte i RonaldoFerdinand of Man United makes jokes on Twitter: "I wanted to go to CR7 at the moment ... and kill!"
Manchester United left the Bernabeu convinced that it would have had a better result if no was about Cristiano Ronaldo.
This is evidence of remarkable goal CR7 by 3 meters height.
Rio Ferdinand is one of the best Portuguese comrades and recently made ​​a joke on Twitter, saying that the momentum that has seen Ronaldo of dancing at that altitude, it felt like this: "Did you see anyone else here other Cristiano to throw the ball with your head at that altitude? In Moscow I had gone to hug and to celebrate with, but during the game I wanted to run, to him, and ... in some way to pass the throat hand lines. "- Joking central defender.