Ribery,Boatend and co valentine day

When Ribéry returned to the cabin and came to sit on the unknowns in place saw he asked him what he what he was doing there. There was a war of words, but to no threats, as was initially rumored. This was confirmed by Bavaria's media director Markus Hörwick. Security guards were notified immediately, who took the "fan" of the Bavaria-cabin. They also found the identity of the unknown. After the man was in a car with a French flag drove away, also met the police at the training ground. MADMAN INCIDENT IN BAVARIA'S CABIN! It is not uncommon that friends or acquaintances of the actors in the wing players spend (on the example also includes the cafeteria). But this man was not a friend of Franck Ribery let alone from another Bayern player ... The curious thing: When the person it should not be of a completely unknown. Several weeks ago, the man has to leave a dog fight Sabener road - with the words for the animal was Ribéry. The midfield dribbler knew about it but nothing. Meanwhile, Bayern this man has given Sabener road banned.