De Biasi: Two carelessness, two goals

Gianni de Biasi
Albania football selector, Gianni de Biasi, says the defeat of Iceland came from two defense department negligence.
"It was a meeting that should win, but it is not managed. Field affected to some extent, but this is not an excuse. "We took a goal in the first half, which came from our defense heedlessness baraspeshuam everything back into the second fraction meeting with confidence to obtain the required result. I think we played better than the opponent, which in turn had a good team and they had quality players'."Iceland reached the victory thanks to him, foul forgiven by the judge, which turned into a goal. Pësuam twice those positions I was afraid throughout the week, where we have been working hard in this direction, but failed to Prevention. It's a waste to burn, "said the Italian.